2-hr (120 mins) Appointment

This appointment can be for anyone, but it is typical for my taller, larger, stronger, tighter clients. This appointment length is necessary not only to do a full-body treatment, but do it comprehensively & effectively addressing multi-layered limitations/tightness/injuries. It's also the perfect length of time to work all four sides of a client's body which is truly the most transformative and fantastic work I do. The length also ensures we have time for you to sink into deep, relaxing neck, face & cranial work at the end of your session



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​Fill in Your Name above where it says Contact Info, then Click the "Buy Now" button. Next, where it says Price Per Item, enter the total amount of your Purchase for one or multiple massages & keep the Quantity Box at 1. Click Continue. Next, scroll down to pay with your Credit/Debit card or with PayPal. 

1-hr (60 mins) Appointment

This appointment is treatment-oriented... perfect if you have certain areas you'd like me to focus on. It's also perfect for a Cranial Sacral Session, or if you want a full-body light, soothing & relaxing Swedish-style massage. (If you want full-body with deep-tissue, structural, therapeutic work, I recommend a longer session.

1.5-hr (90 mins) Appointment

This is the most popular full-body appointment among my clients & makes great use of my diverse & advanced skills & training. It allows for the time & space to deeply & effectively address multi-layered body challenges & injuries. And, more time at the end of the treatment for blissfully relaxing neck, face & cranial work... ahhhh, yes please.

​​My gift certificates are beautiful & each one has a unique design - they make a lovely gift! 
Pick an option below & please follow instructions:

Option A:
I can mail the gift certificate to you, or I can mail it to the gift recipient.

If you'd like me to snail mail the gift certificate, please send me a text, email or voicemail (text preferable) with:
(1) Your full name
(2) Full name of the gift recipient
(3) Length of time you chose for the gift certificate
(4) Physical mailing address you'd like me to send it to
(5) Make your payment using an above "Buy Now" button.
Or send me payment via PayPal: sannaleesolem@yahoo.com or via Venmo: @sanna-solem

Option B:
There's a 'Self-Service Gift Certificate' basket outside my office door in the downstairs reception area. You may drop by my office during standard weekday business hours (if reception door is locked, you may enter through the upstairs law office & go down the stairs to the reception area
). If you're in a time-crunch or it's a weekend, text/call me - I may already be working at the office, or able to meet you at the office to facilitate purchase.
(1) Please text or email me that you are picking up a gift certificate
(2) Pick the color/design of gift certificate you want
(3) Send me a text or email with Your Full Name, Full Name of the Gift Certificate Recipient, & the Length of Time
(4) Make your payment using an above "Buy Now" button.
Or send me payment via PayPal: sannaleesolem@yahoo.com or via Venmo: @sanna-solem

Option C:
If you do not care about having the physical gift certificate to give, I am happy to make a phone call to the recipient letting them know they have been given the gift of a massage
. Text, email or voicemail me the following information:
(1) Your full name & contact info
(2) Full name & contact info of the gift recipient
(3) Make your payment using an above "Buy Now" button.
Or send me payment via PayPal: sannaleesolem@yahoo.com or via Venmo: @sanna-solem

For accounting purposes, I track the payment amount & names of the gift giver & the gift certificate recipient. I must have this information before the gift certificate can be redeemed, so please read & follow instructions!

If you have questions, or my options do not fit your gift needs, Please Call or Text Me before you click the "Buy Now" Button, so together we can ensure that your purchase is exactly what you want & is a straightforward transaction.
FYI - Gift certificates expire one year from date of purchase.

Purchase Gift Certificates

1.25-hr (75 mins) Appointment

A wonderful full-body, therapeutically beneficial & relaxing treatment, using techniques from my diverse background with some focused time on specific areas/issues, along with blissful neck, face & cranial work at the end.

Custom Purchase 

Instructions for Gift Certificate Pick Up In-Office, or Mailing

Your contact info:

Be the clear crystal, through which the sunlight of God's presence may reflect to all the world.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

I LOVE to see new gift certificate clients!

And... gift certificate Purchasers should know that I have many regular clients, and I am sometimes booked a week or more out. If you are looking to give a massage gift to someone to redeem right away, I am not the best massage therapist for you. That said, I would likely be able to get your loved one in within a 1-3 weeks. Feel free to send me a text or leave me a voicemail if you'd like to check in with me about this: 206-719-3148.

If you are okay with my schedule limitations, please choose the length of time/cost of the gift certificate you wish to purchase & then click on the  "Buy Now" Button. Before purchasing, please read below for instructions regarding the pick-up or mailing of your gift certificate.

1.75-hr (105 mins) Appointment

This is the length of appointment I book for myself, & my clients' second-favorite full-body appointment. It makes the BEST use of my diverse & advanced skills, & allows generous time & space to comprehensively & effectively address complicated, multi-layered body challenges & injuries, including working all four sides of your body.  Plus, plenty of time at the end of the treatment to sink deeply & blissfully into relaxing neck, face & cranial work... ahhhhh, the best!