Working with Body, Mind & Being 
Hi, I'm Sannalee…

help people optimize their physical & mental performance, deepen the relationship & awareness with their body & come back to their peaceful, authentic & vibrant center through empowering bodywork, healing touch & compassionate presence.

My practice of Soma Structural Integration (Rolfing tradition), Fascial Stretch Therapy & Cranial Sacral Bodywork, gives me a powerful, effective & integrative approach to bodywork & massage... from transformative structural/deep tissue work, to dynamic tractioned stretching, to gentle, clarifying energetic work.

I consider bodywork & massage an art form as well as health & wellness care. I hold welcoming, attentive & collaborative space to create a therapeutic, empowering & blissful experience for every client.

​Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in. 

~ Leonard Cohen
  • I customize every session specific to each client's needs. Your session begins when you get on the table - I do not charge for intake/getting acqainted time.

  • Unless a client is going through the SOMA Series, or makes a specific treatment request, an appointment with me is typically a therapeutic fusion of Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Fascial Stretch Therapy & Cranial Sacral bodywork, along with some Swedish Massage for relaxation & integration.
    Many of my clients say I give the best combination of therapeutic & relaxation bodywork/massage they have ever experienced.

  • Pure essential oils bestow numerous aromatic & therapeutic benefits - I use them in most sessions, unless requested otherwise. If you are allergic to any fragrance or oils, please notify me in advance, when we first book your session, so I can ensure you a fragrance-free experience.

  • Crawling under the covers of a heated massage table is divine. In the colder months, I will heat my table to help your tissue soften & relax. If you prefer a cooler table, just let me know when you arrive & we'll get it to the perfect temp for you.

       I do Outcall/Home Visits, Celebrations & Retreats

  • I do outcalls almost exclusively & love working in clients' homes. I worked out of a wonderful office in West Linn for nine years - but decided I wanted a change. I am finding my bodywork sessions powerful & effective in a different way than when I worked from an office.

  • I bring my table, fresh clean linens, my table warmer & essential oils. I don’t mind your dogs, cats, kids, spouses, handymen… I’ve worked on clients outside on sunny evenings, in living rooms, bedrooms, tv/family rooms, music recording studios… And my clients love that they don’t have to drive anywhere after their massage! They can just take a neighborhood walk, nap, or get into a hot bath - it’s the best!

  • I am available for sessions at private celebrations, retreats, weddings, graduations, etc & love working in these sacred & milestone spaces with clients. 

The way I work with the body is dynamic, conscious, integrated & very different than most LMT's (& that is because I trained from the start in Structural Integration). Most people are familiar with the oldest and most well-known type of Structural Integration, called Rolfing, evolved by Ida Rolf. I went to the SOMA Institute - one of Ida Rolph's earliest students founded the Soma Institute. So, I do very similar type of work to Rolfing - and I affectionately call Soma a "younger sister" to Rolfing.

Structural Integration is bodywork that is profoundly transformative. My clients look, feel & move differently when they get off my table. Together we release chronic patterns & adhesions, re-educate & revitalize the body, creating more space, length & relaxation, energy, confidence & joy. My clients who come in with pain, walk out without it (or walk out with significantly less if the injury is severe or situation is chronic). My clients who come in with discomfort or anxiety, leave with new mobility, energy & peace. Others experience quicker recovery time & better performance in their sport. And those who are seeking deep relaxation walk out feeling nurtured, profoundly relaxed, with a quiet, clear mind & rejuvenated, fluid & aligned body with more dynamic suspension.

YES ~ I am selling beautiful physical Gift Certificates during the Winter Holiday Season!
Text or call me & I can mail one to your home, or depending on timing/location, I can deliver one to your home, or we can meet up in West Linn for the exchange. I am currently set up to take Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Cash or Check.
​Visit my Rates page to learn more about my fees. And please be aware, I primarily do Outcall/Home visits, so make sure whoever you are buying for would love to have a massage at their home!​


Time spent on my table is healing, restorative & transformative. Some of the reasons clients choose to work with me include:

  • Rejuvenation, transformation, performance enhancement, relaxation
  • Improve limited mobility, optimize suspension dynamics & alignment
  • Anxiety, headaches, TMJ, depression, insomnia
  • Chronic pain, sciatica, arm numbness, plantar faciatis, frozen shoulder, hip imbalance, incontinence & other abdominal & psoas issues due to scar tissue & fascial restriction
  • Spinal compression or curvature, posture, alignment, balance, confidence & flexibility
  • Surgical preparation & recovery
  • Pre & Post Natal therapeutic treatment & wellness support
  • Auto Injury Recovery - I see Auto Accident PIP Clients in their homes as well as in the office of chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Pitcairn in Oregon City
Working in West Linn, Lake Oswego, Oregon City & Milwaukie since 2009, my clients are amazing...

  • Women & men who are proactive with their health & understand the amazing benefits regular bodywork & healing presence brings to their bodies, minds & lives
  • Older & Younger who want to lessen spinal compression,  lessen anxiety, improve mobility, flexibility, posture, balance, confidence, mental health
  • Athletes passionate about their fitness & performance
  • Patients preparing for or recovering from surgery
  • Women getting ready for childbirth or recovering from the challenges of pregnancy
  • Anyone who needs simple & deep relaxation & rejuvenation
  • Men & women ready to make transformative shifts in their bodies & lives through the Soma 10-Series