There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or to be the mirror that reflects the light.

~ Edith Wharton



I only work with automobile PIP or worker's compensation L&I insurance.
​I directly bill PIP/L&I for my clients who've been in an auto accident or have a worker's compensation claim. I have two excellent Chiropractors & one Acupuncturist I can highly recommend (Oregon City & West Linn) with whom I have personal experience & positive working relationships. If I am billing your PIP/L&I, I will need specific claim & medical information from you prior to or at the start of your first appointment. Please call me and let's chat about how I can support you through your accident recovery process.

1 hour (60 minutes) $95
1.25 hours (75 minutes)
1.5 hours (90 minutes)
1.75 hours (105 minutes) $140
2 hours (120 minutes) $155

When scheduling a comprehensive 4-sided Somassage, choose a 1.5-hr, 1.75-hr, or 2-hr appointment, depending on your body height/size.

SOMA Series Package
The cost of the SOMA 10-Session Series is $1,400. This includes a 2.5-hr Session 1 with comprehensive intake, optional before and after photos, optional artwork, and a 10-Series Client Notebook or Journeybook. If you purchase the SOMA 10-Session Series as a package (as opposed to paying for one-session-at-a-time), and pay the total cost either all at once, or in two installments, I will discount your total pre-payment cost by $100. To learn more about this powerful, elegant and transformative body of work, go to the "About" tab on this website.

I accept payment via:
Cash, personal check, credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo & BTC, ETH or DGB.
I am generous with my intake/assessment time because I want you to have a chance to settle in & take the time you need to communicate your needs/goals for our session. I also want you to walk out my door feeling that your goals were fully met or exceeded. This, of course, is facilitated by there being sufficient time for a comprehensive session. I am open to 1-hr appointments, but highly encourage sessions of 75-90-105+ minutes, depending on one's height, issues, goals. In my experience, most people's bodies & neurological systems need over an hour in which to calm & unwind in order to deeply integrate the benefits of a therapeutic or relaxation treatment.
PayPal: sannaleesolem@yahoo.com

Venmo: @sanna-solem
Crypto payment: I will discount your session cost by 1/2 if you pay me in cryptocurrency! Send me a text and I will send you a wallet addy.